Friend or foe?

After Remus's biggest secret slips he begins to question if this is the end of his demise or if his friends will protect him at all costs.

“If you wanted me kicked out of Hogwarts-"

Remus couldn't believe he had finally let his biggest secret slip, where had he even been going with such a setence? He couldn't dream of threatening anyone, let alone his dearest friends and fellow mischief makers. Maybe he was going to make a deal? Of course he was he was a softie.

“Kicked out?” Peter asked, his voice high pitch from incredulity, the boy many reffered to as rat tail due to his rat looking ways when he was much younger. He eventually had grown into his looks but, Snape kept up with the name due to the torment the group had inflicted on him. “Why would we do that?”

“Because- Because I’m a monster…” The brown haired male seemed annoyed that Peter even asked such a question that had an obvious answer. He was much too smart to be asking silly questions such as that.

“You’re being dramatic,” James said good-humouredly, he even seemed amused and it made Remus frown just the slightest, that crooked smile of Jame's had struck a nerve sometimes. His witty antics too. “You fold your socks, Remus, and then organise them in terms of colour. Forgive me if I’m not trembling at the sight of you!”

“So you’re not- you’re not afraid of me?” Remus asked carefully, looking at them all intensely with a pained yet unreadable expression on his face, as if he was judging their seriousness. “You don’t… but…but, I mean… werewolves, they’re not exactly… popular… or safe. For all you know, I could be dangerous!”

Sirius grinned, letting out a bark of a laughter. “Really, Lupin, what part of ‘you fold your socks’ isn’t getting through?”