Rules Of Roleplay

Basic Rules of Roleplaying with me

Important Notes;

- Be Respectful (not always on here so don't try and push the RP to go faster)
- Basic English PLEASE. I'm not so much for Grammar (though it helps) but please know your basic English
- I'm not worried about content as long as it's more than two lines at LEAST. I'm very chilled.

Have fun~


1: When you are talking out of RP text, use "(( ))" to indicate such

2: Any speech MUST be indicated with quotation marks and actions should be indicated by "* *", but that is optional

3: You cannot skip between different RP storylines

4: You cannot skip between different time frames (If we're RPing in the 40's, we are IN the 40's)

5: You cannot declare your character(s) to know someone without permission from the other person(s) (unless they actually know of him or her)

6: You cannot declare your character(s) to share history or a background with another character(s) without permission from the other person(s) (Again, unless they know of him or her)

7: You cannot control the conversation or be the center of attention

8: You cannot interrupt someone else's conversations (unless permitted by the other person(s))

9: You cannot make person say something or do something (unless discussed outside RP)

10: You cannot relate to someone else's background or history without the consent of the other person(s) (unless the character has a background with them)

11: No godmodding (ie: being invincible, overpowered, etc.) (unless you are a god or a little stronger than said character)

12: No controlling other people

13: You CANNOT kill another person(s)'s character without their permission

14: You MUST allow the other person to CHOOSE to accept or avoid an attack (don't go trying to chop someone up unless it was discussed)

15: You CANNOT say where a character(s) got hit, nor how they took damage, they became crippled, they lost a limb, etc.)

16: You may ONLY make ONE attack at a time

17: You may not make any moves without giving the other person(s) a chance to do something (this includes running away, teleporting (not blinking), summoning things, banishing the person(s) (and it must be approved by the person(s), etc.)